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tv   [untitled]    February 17, 2011 8:00am-8:30am EST

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and in egypt where the military has replaced the government at least temporarily strikes are gaining momentum artie's policia looks at whether civilian rule is any closer to reality. mubarak's out the army is in and the question now who's next. to. which way the country is going to see the same it's nearly a week since he gyptian generals promised to lift a fifty year state of emergency but there's still no sign of when that will be the army knows his limitations when the decision was taken not to drop and fire not to do any slaughter. within their own people the most of the ability to be the next their controllers the controllers of egypt but they do want to be the controllers of the peace and therefore the army if it once can keep the state of emergency in place for as long as it stays it's necessary but not everyone thinks its intentions are noble finian cunningham is
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a middle east expert in bahrain from way visual and internet communications have been cut by the authorities in egypt general and. protestors refer to supposedly eventually the state of emergency. drill in the country for nearly thirty years but the market will be buying me so called assurances and bunkers and what right would be skeptical or. intentions of the military my mind see on is a photographer who couldn't wait to capture egypt's revolution on film but he was stopped at the border by gyptian soldiers. so just how different is egypt today under the generals from the egypt of yesterday under mubarak particular emergency all of the. central component of the government apparatus were not arab spring or like the present all time. it ensures our
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border or. generals and for as long as a state of emergency remains in place the hopes that millions of egyptians to the streets remain up in the air but egypt's not the only country the middle east that lives in a state of emergency across its border here in israel depending on who you talk to this country to has its emergency doors our marriages even the small it is because we live in a bad neighborhood hey you have to use your word democracy our elected politicians . as real as another state in the region. because it's in part or somebody and it. becomes democratic or it is real routinely we lose wars of aggression against neighbors karen strangers going generally not instead of emergency he's only living it's usual life no one moved from from the center for themselves or from the north to the center but whatever it is there's no denying
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that a country in a state of emergency is a country where democracy is ignored and if in egypt the generals don't make clear signs to move towards democracy soon and many protesters might be wondering what exactly they were out on the streets for the r.t. tel aviv. president of the arab lawyers association said the protests across the region have been ignited by a hatred of too much western involvement and domestic policies. certainly the unifying factor is that all of them have had. enough of dictatorship the government . to the west that this goes against the will of the people in that region generally speaking the interest the national interest of the west is contradictory to the national interest that we. have a problem with israel they have a problem with the americans they have a problem with capitalism and this is this is a unifying factor. and that was the president of the our board association the.
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speaker we spoke just a short while ago well coming your way in just a few moments here on our from rags to riches of russia with a woman on hope in the middle of a multi million dollar theft scandal all the details coming your way just a little bit later in the program. u.s. congressman and pentagon officials are debating how best to trim the country's fifty five trillion dollars debt president barack obama has already proposed cutting the maj massive defense budget by seventy eight billion over the next five years the pentagon is fighting to make sure the cut doesn't come with the spends over america's ability to wage war they stressed that only nonessential programs should be affected the congressmen have already heeded that on wednesday they voted to stop funding a project of an alternative engine for the country's latest fighter jet but if thirty five itself with its existing engine remains in the pipeline the proposed
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budget will see the pentagon spending actually grow this year as well to use it christine before it all comes at the expense of the social sector. times are tough for many on main street but most in government agree before assisting people like this it's more important to assist people like this. perhaps this is one reason the u.s. military budget is more than fifty percent of the entire world and once again the top brass came to washington to defend defense it is my judgment that the department of defense needs an appropriation of at least five hundred forty billion dollars for fiscal year two thousand and eleven for the u.s. military to properly carry out its mission maintain readiness and prepare for the future defense secretary robert gates also discussed cuts he's made to the military budget on programs no longer needed what you may not know is that most of the
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seventy eight billion dollars he's cut. would take place in twenty fourteen and twenty fifteen when there will be a new secretary of defense and possibly a new president still and this was his announcement last month that all describe how these reform efforts have followed through to completion will make it possible to protect the us military size reach and fighting strength despite a declining rate of growth and eventual flattening of the defense budget over the next five years as far as that flattening budget here's a look at current spending compared to previous war efforts and even after the cuts experts say in twenty fifteen the military budget will still be about one hundred billion dollars larger than in the bush years and about fifty billion more than the reagan years so what's going on here economist richard wolffe says it's simple all the beneficiaries of government spending the companies that get subsidies the military produces who sell goods to the government the working people who get some
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benefits even if they're small all of them have mobilized to hold on to what they get to make it politically costly for any congress man or woman to go against them here's congressman buck mckeon chairman of the house armed services committee who has fought cuts tooth and nail there will be winners and losers in this process tough choices must be made but i will not support initiatives that will leave our military less capable and less ready to fight. in addition to the wars in iraq and afghanistan and the health and safety of men and women serving and there are also other expenses more than eight hundred military bases in places like the marshall islands and a seven million dollars sponsorship by the army of no scar. usually pleas for money come close in the name of life or death drastic reductions in the size and strength of the us military make millet armed conflict all the more likely
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. we're not acceptably high cost in american blood and treasure but the real treasure lies with those with the real power according to trends research institute director gerald so when it's a simple this is the handwriting on the wall it's called the military industrial complex is in charge of the nation and until that changes there will be an invisible cloak around the pentagon that will allow no one to touch its budget what you will see why the things that are sacrifice the basic in-service. the roads they go on repair in people who are forced to live on the streets and a continuing decline in the health education and overall quality of life for most americans in washington christine france now. does not want ten minutes past the hour here in moscow you without a cause of a is marking the third anniversary of its declaration of independence from serbia but the republic continues to suffer from shoots economic and political
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chaos and the crisis has been further deepened by a recent critical report submitted by the council of europe and accuses some of course of those leading politicians including the current prime minister. of being involved in horrendous crimes during the one thousand and one thousand nine. hundred. one wednesday so called on the un security council to investigate the charges council of europe member and austrian m.p. johan who says it wasn't in the interest of the e.u. and the us to investigate these claims of. the european look was that the serbian side the bad side the evil side we have to investigate the crimes of the evil side the evil side which was also the loser of the conflict in the end the military might of nato and the united states pretty baby. loses and you are all the states we are on the winning side and it was in. interests of the winning side to find out
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a lot about crime is from the losing side from the side they stood up against after the. intervention and the de facto creation of an independent kosovo state and natal and protectorate as we saw it in the last years before independence well the things we're so father to return to the problems was almost impossible because this would have resulted it's certainly not a round of war the permanent administration of course a war as a colony or as a protector it was not feasible as well in the end it was not a lot of weight and granting independence which was to my feeling not right because it was against international rules against the law of the peoples as we know it. meanwhile as the people and cause of our struggle and made economic turmoil the republic is seeing money poor in from saudi arabia but some say the funds are
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breeding a hardline strain of radical islam in the region and it's not easy sarah furthur ports many fear that this will lead to the territory fostering terrorists. press timing cause of a's capital and the mosques overflowing ninety percent of the population here are muslim and known for their liberal interpretation of the faith but there are now growing concerns that a fundamentalist strain of is a hobby as it is taking the most fundamental strain most of the fundamentalist strain is from from the harbors and so i think when you have this kind of ideology saying you have to literally follow the child from the qur'an. you can quite easily have a situation where for example terrorist acts can be justified when harvey is i'm originally from saudi arabia and many mosques destroyed in the balkan conflicts are being rebuilt with saudi money in fact the saudi government has poured tens of
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billions of dollars into building mosques schools and charities worldwide charities that in kosovo helping support poor members of the community. don't have jobs sure the charity bring in food which we need for i would children. but with nearly half the population employed and widespread poverty closer they could be becoming a fair to hold breeding ground the influence of well financed wahabi the impact of saudi financing in course of a now is clearly evident and the fear is that it's not just the money that's being bought in there will be ideology as well a lot of the saudi money is often this is this is tied up in ideology and i don't think saudi arabia massively keen on the west especially for. building a democratic structure which. as being right for the mosques is
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the place to be carefully monitored by the islamic community and cause very to ensure that they're adhering to moderate teachings. cannot be under labor control because really how to a point b. and b. are some companies to really do appoint a month re control however recently a mosque was closed down after a petition to remove him and he was allegedly using money to win a for the poor it was a legally built mosque in the town of marina the am i was able to operate for ten years though they are being closed down now locals are asking why it was left of them to take action because you could tell there was something not tried going on there were young children full body cover and she was taking the religious trips abroad so we felt we had to do something about it. the moderate muslim community here has made it clear that hardline teachings will not be tolerated but there are
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warning signs the fundamentalist islam to be sneaking in through the back to the right into the hearts of your surface r.t. . the internet is your source for your daily news brief. it's a taste of what's on offer for you. it's a religious of. russian president dmitri visits the little details on his meeting with the pope could change the relationship between countries. in the world's most expensive hotels. and. culture a. section for a preview of. more than sixty works go on display here in the russian capital and.
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this is good to have you with us today. at the offices of richest woman. the wife. who was president. let's get all the. you know standing by for us and. bring us up to date what's happened. well officials say that these searchers are part of an investigation looking into the embezzled and thirteen billion rubles which is over forty four hundred forty million dollars and they say that the wife of moscow's former mir you will scoff and her company in are connected to this case which actually started in december and at least one employee of the bank of moscow and is involved in this now also investigators believe that this investment was possible through
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a deal between the bank of moscow and several development companies and according to some reports in the media. this some may have been used to cover the debt of. this company development company in teko also an interesting fact is that the dean did the this transaction happened to have been on the same day as another transaction from the government to the bank of a moscow which is actually the fifth largest bank of russia and according to some reports this state money may have been used to cover up. some of the debts of you don't know what in this company. you are this isn't exactly the first time. i've had a brush with. oh absolutely both are you going about that in the end you will have long become subjects' awful controversy since although the haven't actually
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ever been found guilty of any criminal activities there's a lot of speculation that you know. russia's richest woman and the only female billion year managed to gain her wealth with the high. of the emir of moscow when you deal with the head of the cd and there's a lot of reports that her company always got the most attractive development company projects in town and always was able to somehow. somehow avoid serious competition but actually another interesting fact is since you do score start being the mayor of moscow in fact this company stopped getting all these attractive projects in the city as well you're going to have any reaction any responses from the couple of these accusations. oh yes we do denies all the allegations she says that any accusations against her or you'll scoff are
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simply ways to apply pressure on them and she also said and claims that neither she or intake or have been. connected or took part in any criminal activities also earlier on thursday as we just began getting these reports of searches in the company's offices to them they came out saying that the employees were locked inside were denied free will to film what was going on on their mobile phones but now we're getting reports from some of the employees in that office that the situation is normal that everybody's working in their ordinary fashion the investigators are just asking and looking for the documentation connected to this case are you going to thanks for bringing us up to date on our story and thanks for braving the elements it's a very cold day in moscow today you're going to school thank you. let's get to some other stories making headlines around the world at this hour a series of blasts rocked
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a military base in tanzania killing at least thirty people it happened near the airport in the country's largest city. the explosions had started in one before spreading to others in the camp four thousand people have now fled the area and have gathered at the country's national sports stadium a similar accident at another tanzanian facility in two thousand and nine killed three people. tourists were among twelve people killed when a boat sank in northeastern vietnam the vessel went down before dawn when most were sleep in their cabins it's believed there were twenty foreigners on board so far nine people. it's the deadliest accident since the country opened up to foreigners some twenty five years ago. has now gone a two hundred forty nine days without a government it's a feat some are saying because the world record held by iraq eight months stalemate
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is divided on language lines between the leaders of the six million adults speaking flemish and four and a half million french speakers only one serious political protest has taken place to date with belgians instead of venting their frustration through the media and i record has yet to be verified. now time for the latest business news with dmitri. thanks very much for. joining the elephant oilfield project in libya and the swap deal with company the deal was sealed during russian president dmitry medvedev visit on wednesday the agenda of the visit included a number of other economic issues. with the details. first of all an agreement was signed on washes involvement in developing the elephant oil fields in libya russia's gas from will acquire thirty three percent stake in the project taking however the shares from its hourly is any company in the south stream
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project was also discussed during president visits to rome the gas pipeline that's meant to deliver gas from russia to the south of course energy corp is crucial for russia and italy but also the two countries how did the. invest jointly into major infrastructure and energy projects in the north african members of the russian delegation have also said that they expect out. just thirty italian companies to participate in russia's skolkovo innovation center where we're discussing a number of projects with italian energy companies including eno's as well as machinery manufacturing firms i hope will reach agreements with both big companies that will become our anchor partners and with small research groups that are interested in who are parading with school. italy's russia's second largest trade partner in the european union after germany and according to preliminary every board's trade volumes have increased by nearly twelve percent since two
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thousand and nine reaching up to thirty six billion u.s. dollars last year. so going to the markets now we go to europe first european stocks are flat their spigots defense contractors be a nice systems is down almost five percent off its profits missed estimates but banking shares are pushing the indices. higher preventing them from falling further royal bank of scotland is running four percent lloyds banking group is up three point three percent in russia a change of mood after have to gaze in the morning stocks are flat this hour persons will be expecting a ray of statistics from the u.s. to later in the day this time it's inflation data so you get some of the top stocks most of the blue chips are climbing this hour actually as burbank is gaining on the news that it could sell off its oil related assets worth of one point two billion dollars as soon as this year is up one after set well carli is down around one percent however after negative news on personalized pricing came out of asia news
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gold is rising as the price of gold reaches one thousand three hundred eighteen dollars per ounce. russia has almost quadrupled its export of diamonds during the first nine months last year bring in almost two point two billion dollars in overall revenues at the same time the import of gemstones fell by more than two for russia's main diamond producer with ninety seven percent market share accounts for twenty five percent of global production. a south african business delegation has arrived in moscow to boost trade and investment ties and basket of south africa told business r.t. that energy would be among the top areas for future cooperation with africa has brought a big need for energy we are not short of energy but we have very tight margins we are increasing our investments and we
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are calling for investments into the area of energy because we are doing a number of things we are working to increase our capacity to produce electricity but we are also diversifying when i was in the just sources so one of the areas we're looking to cooperate with russia is in the area of nuclear in the area of alternative cleaner sources of energy we are also attracting and we have russian companies that are involved in initiatives in south africa russia is meeting search engine yandex has landed in the top fifty most innovative companies in twenty eleven placed higher than global i.t. giants like i.b.m. and microsoft fast company magazine compiled the list put yandex at twenty sixth place in the list of the most innovative firms in the world this year this is the first time yandex was included in this noted for its prowess and search but
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bypassed amazon which took second place in the list last year the top three spots were taken by apple twitter and facebook. so for now we'll be back in one hour's time headlines are next with rory don't go away.
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it's not just after possible the headlines frustration with governments it reaches boiling point across the middle east and north africa as protesters push for change the same time though egyptians are starting to question the outcome of. the u.s. military is fighting tooth and nail to hold on to its multi-billion dollar budget claiming cuts will cost lives but some say americans are already in the deep end with many on the edge of poverty. economic woes and the political turmoil because of a battle tarnished image on its third anniversary since declaring independence from serbia meanwhile there are fears a radical islam is gaining ground in the republic. and moving on to sweden where
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there's increasing pressure for the country to join nato with many european countries already members of the alliance expos say it's only a matter of time before stalking follows their lead and he said now about up with a local peace activist who claims all these attempts are america's way of trying to gain control of more countries. i didn't know where berg is on a mission her goal to tell the world how far and how much nato has gone in taking over the globe and tells r t why the activist has dedicated her life to stop what she calls the us nato war machine in the south korea and japan where you guys were there to be one of the guys. why did people know so little about nato sweden co-op.


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